Far off from any gamer cliché. Devoid of colorful cardboard cutouts and shrill sofas. Independent of advertisements. And all of this online.

1080 Nerdscope is THE gaming format for the gentlemen and ladies among Nerds. The focus is not just on games, but on Gamers - and therefore everything that interests Gamers.
Commissioned by the SWR, the Meimberg GmbH produced this weekly show, which was published not only on television - but also on the YouTube Channel DoktorFroid.

By the end of 2016 Meimberg GmbH and SWR discontinued the production. The final episode "Das großartige Musical - Gaming Edition" was nominated "BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR" at the 2017 Webvideopreis awards. In february of 2017 Richtig Cool GmbH took over producing a new edition of the show and cancelled it after 28 episodes.

66 Episodes + Specials // Total Views: 26,4 million.